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I have to take a whole bunch of medications, and as everyone knows the side-effects sheet is always baffling and terrifying. As a Dr once told me, you wouldn't even take paracetamol if you read the warnings all the way through. So I amuse myself by turning them into custom spells for DnD -it's come in handy a few times!

Round face: penalty to diplomacy checks. Whether this is because round faces are inherently less trustworthy or because the affected doesn't look like themselves is a matter of debate.

Sudden blindness: self-explanatory.

Muscle wasting: reduce con and str.

Hiccups: gagging effect on casters, useless on others.

Sedative: self-explanatory, save ends.

Ravenous hunger: if in combat, lose a turn while you eat/complain. If out of combat, reduce stores at twice normal rate.

Urge to move: In real life, restless leg syndrome. As a curse, depending on whims of DM, either break into dance or move 1d6 squares in a random direction, avoiding obstacles.

Orla The Overcautious: haunting, possibly on picking up a cursed item. Once acquired, whenever you perform an action a small Irish woman informs you that "That'll kill you, you know." Roll a d20 to see if she's right. If 1, HP=0. If 2-20, be smug. Numbers vary depending on sadistic urges of DM.

Vertigo: this would be straightforward except that the sheet explains it as "a sensation of spinning around". Character loses all sense of direction and moves randomly.

Bulbous skin reactions: well, that's just disgusting. Reduced cha and dex.

Flatulence: severely reduced cha.

Dysponoea: a really cool-sounding way of saying "difficulty breathing". High damage.

Fainting: During an encounter, each turn roll a d6 to see if you faint. If 1, faint for one round.

Hallucinations: should be plot-relevant.

Having feelings of being alone: this character is no longer aware of the other party members. Save ends.

I can't find a way to make "reduced/increased blood levels of blah" useful, alas.


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