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alpin ([personal profile] alpin) wrote2013-01-21 10:41 am


So I made these quite a long time ago, but some of them are still amusing.


murderousitaliani1 murderousitaliani2 murderousitaliani3 murderousitaliani4 murderousitaliani5


toughlove3 toughlove6 asyouwish3 carp1 fraternal fraternal2 fraternal3 GratituousAssSHoticon needles nekkiddefinition1icon


gqhadrian1 gqhadrian1i

andsooni catonkeyboardicolour

2girlboyrose1i 2girlboyrose1ia 2girlboyrose6i

pr0npls scorpioni2 vlad3 distracted2 giantsquidicon

drivingtest2c drivingtest4c

flashnuke2biii flashnuke4iv

Feel free to nab any that take your fancy, but please let me know.

Also, some that I idly modified and now don't know the etiquette, nor can remember the original creator. Any help?

2748313modified2 4399340a onrecord Papyrus roseair